About Our Company

We offer personal client service.  You deal directly with the attorney who will handle YOUR legal matter to REsolution.

We live our personal lives with integrity.  We bring that same approach to the practice of law and our advocacy. Every case is unique.

REsolution that is smart, sensible, and as cost efficient as possible, is the desired outcome. 

Sheila Gropper Nelson has practiced law for more than 30 years with dedication to each of her clients' case.  Her approach to her clients cases has been creative even in the face of stiff resistance.

Gary Cloutier has been admitted to practice for over 20 years and was at the forefront of the fight against discrimination based on HIV /AIDS. He brings that same dedication to every case he handles.

What We Offer

Personal Solutions

We will work with YOU to bring REsolution to the legal issues that YOU are dealing with, whether in YOUR personal life or YOUR business.


Business Solutions

Efficient Resolution is the outcome every business owner wants.

That's our goal as well. 

Give us a call.  Let's determine, together, how to REsolve the issues confronting YOUR business today! 

Solutions Overview

Comprehensive Legal Support

We will help YOU to find the right REsolution for YOUR legal matter.  We will advocate for YOU in multiple areas of the law or we will help YOU find the right advocate. 


Diverse Experience

With nearly 50 years of combined experience we bring a wide range of knowledge, client relationship, relevant life experience, and practical solutions to every matter.  The best REsolution possible is the goal for every client. 

Knowledge of Current Law

Our dedication, to working with our clients, and staying at the forefront of the controlling law drives the REsolution of  Your legal issues.   


Advantage of Repeat Clients

Client relationships, developed over years of practice, underscore that each client is unique and respected.   

REsolution Law Firm P.C.