REsolution Law Firm P.C.





Sheila Gropper Nelson has practiced for more than 30 years bringing dedication and creativity to each of her client's cases in State and Federal court. 

Whether in Bankruptcy Court or before state or federal trial and appellate courts she has vigorously advocated with integrity.  She was the first California State Bar Certified Bankruptcy Law Specialist in San Francisco County.  She handles all aspects of Bankruptcy law, for creditors and debtors, in Chapters 11, 13 and 7.

She represents her clients from pre trial all the way through argument before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal.  Going up against  many prestigious law firms, throughout California, her advocacy has provided her clients with significant and beneficial outcomes both in creative issue resolution and monetary recovery.  Her clients always know that their case matters.

Gary Cloutier was at the cutting edge of cases protecting clients from HIV and AIDS discrimination.  He brings that same dedication and passion to every case he handles, ranging from general personal injury to continued representation of clients facing discrimination for AIDS, HIV and Transgender issues.  His clients know that their case matters.  His experience spans law, government and non profits and in each arena he has brought dedication to difficult issues.

Its not the label of the case - plaintiff-defendant-debtor or creditor - that defines the representation.

It's the facts and the law.   Each case is unique and all clients matter.

Together both attorneys, along with our staff, are dedicated to bringing meaningful resolution to every case and client represented.